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I love cheese cake!!! I bought the cutest mini tart pans and just had to fill them with cheese cake. There are plenty of recipes out there and I used the one on the back of the Nabisco Honey Made Graham Cracker Crumps box. I put canned cherry pie topping on them. The biggest issue was I made these right before I went to California and they were all gone when I got back….. Good excuse to make them again.

Cheese Tart Ingredients

Cream Cheese

Mixing the Filling

Graham Cracker Crust

Ready to Bake

Mini Cheese Cake Tarts


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This is my first official food post for Joan’s Kitchen. I’m still trying to figure out how I want to do all this. I thought I would take an ingredient and make a few things with it. This time I made four different recipes that contain walnuts.

It’s taken me all week, several runs to the market, one flop (fudge) that I had to do over, waiting on the bananas to ripen and then timing it all so it’s still fresh to wrap, ship and get to its destination before it grew mold…. I think I need to do better next time. Making four things is going to be way too much. I need to scale back or I’ll be done with this project by Valentines Day.  I’ll do my homework on what to make all week but I think one day of shopping and cooking and the next day shipping everything is a reasonable plan I can live with.  I need to be more organized.  ….and I need to remember to TAKE PICTURES!!!!!


  • All the recipes for baklava are very similar. I tried a different one this time but prefer the one I used before. I linked the first one.
  • I like my banana nut bread recipe better but it’s at home in Colorado
  • Banana nut bread is better in a big loaf
  • When making fudge follow the directions exactly.
  • Hot boiling sugar really burns if it gets on your skin.
  • Packaging is a challenge.
  • Shipping is almost cost prohibitive.

I’m shipping this off to my kids today, I hope everything gets to its destination intact.  Enjoy!


Maple Walnut Syrup

Walnut Fudge

Banana Walnut Bread

Goodie Boxes

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